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Binance Shutting Down? Unbelievable Reasons Revealed!

In a stunning turn of events, leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance faces serious challenges that might signal its end! Here’s why!

Mike Coldman
5 min readJul 6

You’re not going to believe what just happened to Benz in Belgium and also in Australia, it’s really unfortunate.

I will share some comments from Circle’s CEO about the upcoming Bitcoin ETFs, and we will try to see how Bitcoin can react in the current market, knowing that we are still printing more and more money. To show that this is indeed the case, I will show you the graph of the M2 money supply.

• Australia Takes on Binance

Binance was given a 12-hour notice, and the Binance team in Australia was informed that it would be excluded from the Australian banking system. This is really unfortunate because Binance could do a lot of good in this space. Some may not think so, but Binance is an important player in the cryptocurrency space worldwide.

What is happening now is similar to what is happening in the United States, where Wall Street sharks are keeping crypto players away from controlling the largest crypto exchange platforms in Australia, which will likely simply drive out Binance and the large banks will take over the crypto space.

The good news is that Binance will likely gain popularity in other countries that do not exclude them.

• Binance in Belgium

Belgian clients of Binance, the uncertainty and this closure of Binance in Belgium, risks pushing many Belgian clients to leave the market with enormous losses.

On Twitter, Binance’s Belgian clients are numerous to question the fate of the cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, the FSMA’s announcement leaves no doubt about Binance’s future in Belgium. Binance is ordered to leave the country, and indeed, it’s a bad surprise for the many Belgian clients of the biggest exchange in Belgium…



Mike Coldman